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Insects & Mosquito Bio-Repellent


Sofixpro Insect & Mosquito Bio-Repellent is a Non Toxic water base Insects Repellent, it is formulated with Natural Essential Oil. The Natural active ingredients of Citronella oil, Eucalyptus & Pine oil protect young children & adults Effectively & Safely against Insects and Mosquitoes Bite.

Free of DEET & harmful chemical ingredients, which is Safe & Effective for young children and adults.

The lasting effect and pleasant fragrance protect you for up to 2-3 hours each time you spray. Colorless and Non Staining to clothing/Textile.


  • Natural Ingredients


  • Gentle for skins and suitable for young kids & adults

  • Keep insects away

  • Shield up and protect your skin

Available Packaging: 110ML

Sofixpro Pte Ltd offers professional hygiene products & services in Singapore. Get in touch with us now +65 6746 9881.

Insects & Mosquito Bio-Repellent: Home & Personal
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