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Hand Sanitizer


Sofixpro Hand Sanitizer offers maximum disinfection and
sanitization capacity in pathogenic spreading environment. It is
a skin friendly, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal hand
sanitizer that provides layers of protection on your hands from
harmful micro-organisms.

The water base formulation avoids drying the skin and
continues to provide protection well after the solution has
dried. It is proven effective against a wide range of bacteria
and germs.


  • Tested & Certified against Coxsackievirus (Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease HFMD), H1N1, Human Coronavirus. 

  • Water base formulation, non-toxic and non irritating

  • Broad spectrum disinfection and sanitization – 99.99%efficacy

  • Gentler to the skin with layers of thin film protection

Available Packaging: 50ML, 600ML, 5 Litres

Sofixpro Pte Ltd offers professional hygiene products & services in Singapore. Get in touch with us now +65 6746 9881.

Hand Sanitizer: Home & Personal
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