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Floor Disinfectant


Sofixpro Floor Disinfectant is a powerful biodegradable floor cleaner
formulated to clean, shine and disinfect multiple surfaces. It
leaves an invisible protection that helps repel dirt, light oils and
other foreign matter that may be on the surface. With added
anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties, it provides effective
cleaning and deodorizing for daily or routine maintenance.


  • Kills germs and viruses

  • Prevent bacterial growth

  • Removes surface soils and embedded dirt

  • Improves day to day appearance

  • Gentle for skin and non slippery

Available Packaging: 5 Litres

Sofixpro Pte Ltd offers professional hygiene products & services in Singapore. Get in touch with us now +65 6746 9881.

Floor Disinfectant: Home & Personal
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